Cruz And Glenn

It was about time to come with some more new chaosmen scenes this week and here we are delivering them to you. In this new scene you get to see Cruz and Glenn getting together and having some passionate chaos men sex for you and you just have to check it out. The two muscled guys are just too good to pass up on seeing and we can say for sure that you will be impressed with their superb and passionate scene today. You can rest assured that there’s quite a lot to see with these two and they sure put on their a game on display today. So let’s not waste time and let’s watch them get down and dirty with one another shall we?

The guys, like many others around our galleries, get to work quick on taking off their clothes and they get on the bed. And the show starts with some classy kissing and caressing while the guys get more and more visibly excited as their cocks get bigger and harder. FYI they learned from the best hot older male.  So as they were kissing, Glenn grabs both of their cocks and starts to stroke them both at the same time. You can tell that he’s really good at stuff like this and he keeps jerking off both cocks as he kisses Cruz. Well he keeps it on until they both get to shoot their loads at the same time and it was an amazingly hot and sexy scene to watch. Enjoy the view and see you soon okay?

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