Chaosmen – Solomon and Theon in Pure

Another fresh week and time once more to see some passionate and sexy chaosmen scenes too. We bring you some more amazing and new galleries and this week they feature two new guys that are very passionate getting to be in the limelight. They are Theon and Solomon and they sure got to have their fun this fine day. This is also somewhat of a special update as we wanted to bring you something a bit special for being loyal fans of ours for so long. So take your time with this special treat as you get to see a nice and large collection of images this week with the two aforementioned hot and sexy guys okay? let’s get the show going!

As they get nude to start off their naughty scene, the two guys also get around to use some copious amounts of oil on each other as they caress while passionately kissing each other too, just like the sexy gays from Czech Hunter! They don’t switch roles as Theon gets to take the reins and Solomon gets to be on the receiving end. But that’s just how they always like to get down and dirty and that’s perfectly fine too. So watch closely and see Theon then bending Solomon over for a nice and hard anal fuck from behind. They shift positions after that too and you get to see Solomon taking a fucking missionary style as well. All in all it’s one superb scene so make sure that you check out all the images too. Bye bye!

Solomon & Theon - PureSolomon & Theon in PureSolomon & Theon sex

See these chaos hunks fucking and sucking one another!

ChaosMen – Noah and Riley

Hey there once more guys and gals. As usual we want to welcome you to yet another new and simply amazing chaosmen fuck fest with two hot gay studs that sure got game. The two czech hunter jocks this afternoon are Noah and Riley and they know how to make things really interesting for everyone to see. The cameras made them lose their inhibitions and you can bet that the two of them pulled no stops in having some amazing sexual fun for the afternoon. They got off work and as it was Friday, they were eager to start it off with some unwinding and relaxing, in the form of a steamy gay fuck for the afternoon. So let’s see them play!


Sit back and relax, because as soon as the guys make their entry through the door, they already start to get naughty. They made sure to lock it as they don’t want anyone disturbing them and they went to the bedroom straight away too. Watch as the guys get on the bed and make good use of it this afternoon making it creak during their hard fuck today. Noah gets to spread his legs for Riley and you get to see him moaning loudly as Riley’s hard cock stretches out his tight ass missionary style for this whole afternoon too. We hope that you liked and enjoyed it and we will be back as always next week with more new content for you! So we’ll be seeing you guys then okay?

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Jonas Zarek Blowing Cocks

It seems that everyone just adored seeing Zarek in action last week. So, due to popular demand, he also decided to make a comeback this afternoon with another chaosmen scene. He wants to show off some more and today you get to see him using his talents on cocks, but with oral action like in the fraternity x orgies. He got this buddy of his here to help him demonstrate his “talents” and you are in for quite the show rest assured. Oh, you may also want to check out past scenes as well, especially the one with Carter and Kris as they sure got to have quite the afternoon with one another as well. Anyway, let’s check out Zarek hard at work today once again everyone.

Like we said, today you get to watch him in some very hot and kinky action and there’s no way you can pass this up if you want to see a true cock sucking master as he works today. Let’s sit back and enjoy the scene as you get to watch him undressing his fuck buddy and licking and playing with the other guy’s balls and cock he gets him rock hard in no time. Then he gets to use those expert lips and you just have to take your time to see him demonstrate some amazing technique at sucking and deep throating cocks too. Well, we have to take our leave for now, but we will be returning next time with another new and hot update too! Bye bye!

jonas_zarek blowjob


Check out these guys blowing each other’s hard cock!

Chaos Guys – Jet and Zarek

Well you guys got to see Zarek in the past and you know he’s quite good with the whole chaosmen gay fuck sessions thing. Today he gets to be joined by Jet another hot stud that happens to be new, and he gets tasked with the job to teach the guy everything that he needs to know about hot gay fucking too. It was a simply amazing chaos men fuck scene to see the guy mentor the green horn today and as usual you get to have front row seats to this scene as well. Let’s get to watch them play without delay and see how they ended up spending this whole afternoon. Well that and how much this new guy, Jet got to learn too. So let’s get this show started.

Jet & Zarek

Since he’s the new guy, Jet gets to be the one to be receiving the dicking in order to see how a master gets to pound a nice and fresh ass. Watch Zarek, having Jet bend over, and see him stroking his cock as well to tease him too. After that you can see Zarek, spreading those nice butt cheeks to give you a nice view of the hole that he’s about to stretch with his big hard cock too. And then after that of course, you can see him getting to do the proper fucking. So watch Zarek fucking Jet doggie style this afternoon and have fun with the whole thing. Oh, and Jet got to have a go at Zaerk’s ass as well before the end too. Either way, have fun and don’t forget to check out our other horny chaos guys in action!

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Cruz and Glenn

It was about time to come with some more new chaosmen scenes this week and here we are delivering them to you. In this new scene you get to see Cruz and Glenn getting together and having some passionate chaos men sex for you and you just have to check it out. The two muscled guys are just too good to pass up on seeing and we can say for sure that you will be impressed with their superb and passionate scene today. You can rest assured that there’s quite a lot to see with these two and they sure put on their a game on display today. So let’s not waste time and let’s watch them get down and dirty with one another shall we?

The guys, like many others around our galleries, get to work quick on taking off their clothes and they get on the bed. And the show starts with some classy kissing and caressing while the guys get more and more visibly excited as their cocks get bigger and harder. FYI they learned from the best hot older male.  So as they were kissing, Glenn grabs both of their cocks and starts to stroke them both at the same time. You can tell that he’s really good at stuff like this and he keeps jerking off both cocks as he kisses Cruz. Well he keeps it on until they both get to shoot their loads at the same time and it was an amazingly hot and sexy scene to watch. Enjoy the view and see you soon okay?

hunks Cruz & Glenn

Watch here these jocks fucking each other!

ChaosMen – Griffin Raymond’s Massage

Another fresh week and time for another amazing and fresh Chaosmen scene today. This time we have a nice little treat for you again and it comes in the form of a sexy massage session. The sexy and hot hunk Griffin Raymond was down to get his body worked all afternoon long by an expert masseur and rest assured that he enjoyed it thoroughly for the whole afternoon as well. So let’s watch that masseur in action as he does simply the best job to make the guy forget about his problems as he helps him unwind at the end of it with a nice and happy ending too. Well if you don’t know what that is, just keep watching.


Well a happy ending after a massage usually goes down in the same sense that since the person is already aroused, why not continue to have some more fun. So after the massage itself, the masseur sees that Griffin’s cock is all nice and hard and excited after the whole deal, so he starts massaging it as well, but with his lips as he sucks and deep throats it as well. And of course, after the oral, he gets to top of him and continues the cock massage with his ass too taking it balls deep anally. So enjoy this superb scene and see you guys next week with another very hot and sexy scene too. We’ll be seeing you guys then alright?

Watch this jock receiving a massage with a happy ending!

ChaosMen – Darius and Troy

This week we get to see more chaosmen goodness as usual. And just like usual, you get to see some new and fresh updates with two new guys to the roster today. They are Darius and Tory and they are two very hot and sexy studs that always love to play with one another in front of the cameras too. Our two jocks are quite the horny dudes and as soon as the cameras rolled for this one there was just no stopping them from doing whatever they felt like for the whole scene too. Take your time to have some fun with this amazing scene with them and let’s get it going as you just have to see the amazing fuck that they had today too.

Their nice chaos men scene takes place in the bedroom as they just came back from going out. They got to have fun around downtown but it seems that they got a bit too horny and they had to do something about it. so naturally they rushed back home to have some sexual fun and unwind too. Watch them spending the whole evening getting to fuck one another and you can see some nice and sexy round asses as they will get penetrated by some hard cocks too. And the icing on this sex cake for the day, is that you get to see the two dudes finish off the whole thing with blowing their loads all over one another too. We hope you enjoyed your stay and our hot and horny men fucking and getting fucked.

Darius & Troy

Check out this jock getting his ass pounded!

ChaosMen Curtis and Jamison

Hey there once more everyone as always, and welcome to more awesome and hot chaos men scenes with some hot sexy hunks that just want to have sexual fun. In this shoot we had on over Curtis and Jamison and they got to do quite a lot of superb stuff in front of the cameras. Well naughty stuff and kinky, but still very awesome to see too. And if you love seeing hard cocks in tight asses, check out Armani’s scene as well and you can see that stud getting to take one mighty hard and eager cock balls deep in his ass as well. Anyway, let’s go back to our two hot studs for the day and see how they did on cameras shall we everyone?

Curtis & Jamison

As their chaosmen scene gets to a nice start, the horny studs get to take their spots on the bed. And Jamison seems to be the one that gets to receive a hard fucking today. He doesn’t mind it as Curtis packs quite the nice and thick delicious cock that would do nicely to stretch out his tight ass as well. So watch Jamison sucking and slurping on that cock to get it rock hard and then watch him spreading his legs for Curtis, which then proceeds to fuck him missionary style thoroughly in the ass for the rest of this superb scene. And in the end of it all, you get to see the guys shooting their loads all over one another. Enjoy the view and see you next week!

Curtis & Jamison raw fuck

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Chaos Men – Carter Jacobs and Jacek

Hey there guys, we’re here once more with all new and fresh chaos men scenes for you to enjoy again. As you know, this is simply the best place to check out if you want to get to see some mighty fine studs getting to do some nice and hard style fucking just for your enjoyment as well. The names of the two today are Carter Jacobs and Jacek. And Carter you will remember from a past scene around here as well as he took part in another fuck scene with a tattooed guy in the past, having lots of fun with a hard style fuck session. Anyway, today he gets to have fun with Jacek and you can bet your ass it’s one amazingly hot scene too.

Carter knew how much you guys loved his past performance and so he came back to chaosmen. And we decided to pair him with Jacek and see what came out of it. The short answer? Pure magic as you will see as well. So watch the two starting their nice little gay sex session in the bedroom as the two of them get naked and start off. Watch Jacek sucking and slurping on Carter’s hard and big cock with a passion and after all that, sit back and watch as he bends over. You can then see Carter pounding that fine ass doggie style today and making Jacek moan in pleasure at the hard style anal dicking that he delivers to him too. Enjoy it and bye for now! For similar content, check out the site and see some hot fraternity guys making out!

Carter Jacobs & JacekCarter Jacobs & Jacek fuck

Take a look at these hunks hammering one another!

ChaosMen – Bossy Guys

Chaosmen makes a superb return this fine week with more new and fresh scenes as always. Today we get to see some more superb guys partying it up steamy gay fuck style this afternoon and as always it’s one scene that you just have to see. You will remember Shiloh from a past chaos men scene that we had, as he makes a comeback today being his usual dominant self with another guy this afternoon. We told you you’d get to see him getting to star in more scenes and here he is delivering on that promise. So let’s get to take the time to see the two studs play and let’s not waste time as we bet that you guys are eager to see the action as well.

Bossy guysShiloh gets to be the dominant one as we said, and this other new guy has no troubles being the one on the receiving end. Shiloh does have a nice and hard cock and other guys always find it tempting to get to have that nice and big cock all to themselves too. So watch Shiloh having this other stud wrap his lips around his cock and watch him moaning in pleasure as he has his hard cock sucked with a passion by this other stud this afternoon. Of course after all that oral goodness, Shiloh got to fuck the guy’s ass too, in order to give him a nice reward for some mighty fine cock sucking too. Anyway, we’ll be seeing you soon with more! If you liked this scene, check out the site and see other cock hungry gay guys sucking cocks!

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