Aries and Ricky

Welcome to chaosmen everyone. Here is the best place to visit if you want to check out some really hot and sexy studs that get to spend some quality time together in front of the cameras and you guys as well. And to start off, we bring you today in this first ever update here, the two guys that you will surely love, named Aries and Ricky. The two guys are all about having sexual fun with one another in their little naughty scene today and of course, you get to see it all only here as well. So let’s not delay any longer and just get their show rolling to watch them in action as they get to do some steamy gay fucking in this nice afternoon scene.

The two get to have some fun in the living room and as you will see, it was the perfect setting for a fuck as it did also have a nice and relaxing black leather couch to use as well. Sit back and watch the studs making easy work of each other’s clothes and then see them presenting one another with those nude muscled bodies too. You get to see Aries sucking off Ricky first as he needed that cock rock hard for his ass in the next part. So watch him deep throating the cock nearly making Ricky blow his load a few times too. Well by the end of it he sure did and it all ended up around Aries’ face too. Enjoy it and see you soon with more!

Aries & Ricky

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ChaosMen – Addison and Charlie

Another fresh week and time to see yet another new and fresh chaosmen update. This gallery brings you two new hunks to see and they make a fine addition to the whole roster of horny and sexy hunks ready to party the naughty way. That kind of partying is just what they did for this whole afternoon as they got all the time that they wanted together and one big bedroom with one huge bed inside as well. The two studs are about to show off the true meaning of passionate fucking in their amazing scene this afternoon for you. Either way it’s a show that you are bound to remember for a long time with these two amazing guys.

addison and charlie

The name of these two are Addison and Charlie and like we mentioned before, both of them are very hungry for sex. It didn’t take long for them to get busy as the cameras started and the first thing that was on the agenda for them was to get all naked and show off those simply amazing sculpted bodies. Watch them doing a nice sixty nine too and see those man meats getting services by two experienced studs. When the cocks were nice and hard, the next part came along and that was even more amazing as it featured a nice and long ass fucking session with these two. As per usual, we hope that you enjoyed your stay and of course, more content is on the way soon.

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ChaosMen Hard Threesome

Hi there once again guys, chaosmen is back again with a very special feature this time. As one can see, in this scene we have no less than three guys and all of them horny as hell too. Normally you get to see two studs or solo scenes around here, but this was a special occasion. So we wanted to leave three of our best guys having some sensual moments together, and what resulted from that is pure magic as everyone can see. This scene is sizzling hot and you definitely need to check out every single picture inside too. All of them featuring the guys going down and dirty and it’s quite the treat to watch them in sexual action today.

The chaos men trio were about to put on the hottest threesome on and it can be all seen in detail. Watch as the guys decide who’s going to be on the receiving end it turns out to be the guy with the Celtic cross tattoo on his arm. He gladly takes his spot on top of one of the dude’s cock and sucks passionately on the other’s cock. It’s just the most awesome thing to see the dude getting both holes pounded hard style by big cocks and moaning in pleasure while he’s at it too. The whole fuck fest ends with the dude covered in jizz and pretty eager to go for another round if the other studs would be up for it. Enjoy it and see you soon with more!

bay and dusty, sterling

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Chaos Men – Brenner and Jet

Time to get to see some more horny and hot chaos men at work this fine day today. In this scene we bring back Jet and Brenner. Again, these two have been present in past scenes and you know that they know how to party with other guys. They were perfect for one another and this scene show plenty of that. We wanted to see what would happen if we’d put two of our top studs together to party sensually and the end result is magic to say the least. It’s been all caught on camera and you get to see it all today in this simply incredible gay fuck scene. So without further due, let’s get the show started and see our two studs in action without delay.

Brenner & Jet

Like all the good fuck scenes, this one takes place in the living room and as all the scenes it gets going pretty fast. Watch Brenner and Jet getting down and dirty with some sexual adventures this afternoon. You get to see how both of them get around to work those cocks with their juicy lips to get one another nice and hard for the next part, which naturally involves anal. Then you can see them taking turns to fuck each other nice and deep in their asses with those nice and big hard cocks. So have fun with these two for the afternoon and we’ll be back soon with some more all new and fresh updates for you. Bye bye!

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ChaosMen – Brannon and Palmer

It’s that time of the week again everyone, and you know what that means. There’s more chaosmen scenes here to show off and just like always they are simply top of the line. This time, the two that will get busy in front of the cameras are Brandon and Palmer and they are quite amazing to see too. Brandon and Palmer are two of the best studs that anyone can see fucking on camera and that’s exactly what you guys will be doing for the afternoon. The scene with Brandon and Palmer is one that will leave you wanting more and we can guarantee that you will be seeing these two studs in the near future with more scenes here as well.

Meanwhile, we’re kicking off their scene today in force as they were eager to get busy without delay today. They had the white leather couch in the living room all to themselves and rest assured that these two hunks put it to good use. Take your time to watch the two chaos men as they work each other’s cocks. After that whole oral pleasing part, you can see them taking the time to pound each other in the ass too for the rest of the scene. The two of them make a great team when they fuck and it’s a treat to see them work their magic on cameras too. So we hoped that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon once again!


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Francis and Noah

Another fresh week and time for another new chaosmen duo to make their entrance. In this scene it’s the hot Francis and his fuck buddy Noah, enjoying a relaxing afternoon fuck with one another in front of the cameras. As you know, this site is the best place to check out for some incredible looking guys having some naughty fun on camera and this week’s scene follows the rules perfectly too. Francis and Noah were very eager to show off why they make such a great fuck team on the cameras too. And it’s not that hard to see why, when the two of them are some of the most passionate studs that have have in our roster here.


These two chaos men always know what it’s about when they get down and dirty and just like all the guys here, the two of them get around to stroke each other’s cocks and suck one another off to get each other hard and ready. After that it’s one log anal fucking scene with them using all kinds of naughty positions to plow each other in the ass and rest assured that you won’t want to miss that certain part. When the scene gets near the end, the guys pull out and get to do some more sucking, especially Noah, which sucks Francis some more until the latter gets to blow his sticky jizz all over his face too. See you all next time with more scenes and more amazing guys!

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Jet and Roderick

This week’s new scene brings you more of what you love. And that of course is more raunchy studs getting down with each other to put on a simply stellar show for everyone to see. Today we had two guys that were simply magical on camera and their names are Jet and Roderick. You saw them both in the past around here and you know just how good they are too. Well this time they got paired together and sure enough, they made magic happen with their simply incredible scene this nice afternoon. Let’s watch them in action as their fresh and hot scene is one of the best that we have laying around for you to see.

Their scene has the classical setting of taking place in the living room and pretty much as soon as the cameras started to roll, the two studs were all over each other undressing and making quick work of each other’s clothes. When they were all nude, they went on to more naughty things. Watch Jet demonstrating the full extent of his oral experience as he gets to work on Roderick’s nice and thick cock with his expert lips. You simply must watch him deep throat that cock like a pro for his reward and that of course comes at the end of it all in the form of a nice and big jizz blast to the face. We’re hoping that you enjoyed today’s simply amazing scene and we’ll be back soon with many more just like it.


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Jordan and Vander

Today there’s a new and fresh chaosmen scene to show off and it’s really incredible. In this superb gay fuck scene with have the super horny Jordan and his buddy Vander getting down and dirty for the cameras and putting on the show of a lifetime. If you enjoy big cocks and anal sex just as much as these two do, then you will be in for quite the show with them. They pulled no stops and did pretty much everything that they wanted to do on top of that bed for this whole afternoon. You get the privilege to see the whole thing today and as always, it’s some of the best scenes you can see. So let’s get those cameras rolling and see them!


As you can guess, the whole thing takes place in the bedroom and the two studs are all nice and primed to have some sweet time together. Watch as Jordan decides to be the one on the receiving end this time, and see him going down on Vander. Jordan wants to make sure that that cock is rock hard and ready to pound his ass this afternoon and so he sucks it like an expert. When that’s all said and done, he takes his spot on top of Vander’s cock with his legs spread nice and wide and you can see him moan in pleasure while he takes that man meat balls deep in his eager and tight ass today. See you guys next week with more!

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Rodrigo Getting Serviced

Hey there once more everyone. Welcome back to some more awesome and juicy chaosmen goodness with two new and hot studs. The main focus of this scene though, is Rodrigo. He’s a very sexy and horny Latino dude and he loves himself some nice man meat too every now and then. We paired him with another one of our studs, that will service him nicely for the afternoon and he did a simply incredible job at that too. Suffice to say that by the end of it all Rodrigo was very happy with the whole thing and he did say that he’d be very willing to come back for more in the future as well. Meanwhile, let’s see the show go down shall we?

Rodrigo and his aide for the afternoon got busy in the living room and you should see them taking the time to undress and show off those superb bodies of theirs while they were at it too. Rodrigo did want to sample the other dude’s cock too, so you can see him wrapping his lips around that mighty fine cock first and foremost. After that the stud himself gets busy on Rodrigo’s cock and you just have to see the passion that this guy puts into sucking that mighty cock this fine afternoon. It was a very worth while time to spend seeing the two fuck and it all ended with them blowing their loads over one another too. Great show, and more will follow soon as well.


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ChaosMen – Griffin and Zale

Hey there guys, chaosmen is returning this fine afternoon with another new and fresh picture set. In this one we want to present Griffin and Zale, two very hot and sexy studs that just adore to party with one another whenever they get the free time to do so. It’s just a true show with them every time as you can rest assured that it’s the same amazing sight this afternoon as well. Let’s take our time to see some really hot and sexy studs as they get raunchy and enjoy a hard style fuck for the afternoon shall we? We know that you guys are eager to see them getting down and dirty as well, so let the show begin.

griffin and zale

As any awesome fuck session is suppose to start, you get to see our two hot and horny hunks getting undressed and starting to play with one another’s nice and thick cocks too. They also get around to do some sweet sixtynine-ing too sucking on each other’s cocks with a passion. Once they are rock hard, they can be seen taking turns to ride one another’s nice and thick cocks on top of that bed, really making it rock the whole way through. Suffice to say, it’s quite the show to see, so make sure you don’t miss a single image in this amazing scene. We’ll be back soon enough with more amazing stuff to show off too, so stay tuned.

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